2018/2019 : marked fall in both voluntary and earned income

UK STATS 2021 Top 100 0 CoverAll of the data within the Top 100 Fundraising Charities Spotlight report draws on the Charity Financials database of annual charity statistics extracted from UK-registered charities’ annual reports and accounts.
The 2018/19 results indicate a marked fall in both voluntary fundraised and earned income amongst the top 100 in 2018/19. The annual growth rate for income overall was negative.

The results show how legacy income has come to the rescue for many in 2018/19, but although this is very much welcomed, the findings should also sound a warning bell.
Legacies are principally the expression of past goodwill and wealth. Relying on legacies may not be a sustainable strategy in a period of faltering global growth, with the effects of the COVID-19 crisis difficult to predict.

Main trends

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Charity Financials report 'Top 100 Fundraising Charities Spotlight'
Author: Cathy Pharoah, Centre for Giving and Philanthropy, Cass Business School.
This report can be downloaded on the Charity Financials website.

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